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Once upon a time...
...on the Journal of Lives...
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23rd-Feb-2009 03:12 am - HP Star Wars Icons
So in Love

This new batch of HP House icons is all Star Wars (with a few Spaceballs thrown in for fun)! Blanks and inspiration courtesy of:


 Some quotes will be slightly altered. Warning for language.




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1st-Jul-2008 09:50 pm - Harry Potter Quote Icons: Group 1A
So in Love

Blank icon bases and inspiration courtesy of


If you haven't been to her journal, go now.  Her manips are amazing!  Plus, her HP quote icons are much better then mine.

There's a 150 icons, so I'm going to divide them into two posts. Also, rated PG-13 for language. So be weary if you don't like bad words.



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29th-Jul-2007 06:58 pm - I'm sorted!
Fucking Fabulous

Sort me!

SQUEE! I've always wanted to be in Slytherin, and not just because of Severus or Draco. The green brings out my eyes. Heehee.

17th-Jul-2007 06:33 pm - Because I'm bored...
So in Love
...And I wanted to see if I really do watch too much TV. Sadly, I do. But it still isn't much of a shocker..

-Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
-Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it.

So in Love
RENT! (Sorry Greg, I've moved onto Rent, who's apparently a man)

Holycraplastnightwasamazing! No! Not amazing! Spectactufulzing! Gah! *dies of awesome Rentness*

I finally got to see Rent on stage, and it was also my first time seeing a musical on stage (not counting high school productions). Squee!!! I lost my musical virginity! And I'm officially a Renthead! *points to icon and does happy dance*

When we walked in the theater and I first saw the stage, it was love at first sight. It was soooo cool! The lighting and the moon and the "candles" were so pretty. And the snow! Oh the snow!  Granted, there was only a little bit in "Christmas Bells" and only in one spot, but still! And the balcony and stairs! Best part that involved the balcony and stairs was "Out Tonight". Heehee, I'll never listen to that song that same way again. Meow!

Only a few things I liked better in the movie then on stage. Like in "Rent" with Mark riding on his bike (I <3 Mark's bike, which sadly wasn't on stage either) and when they burn the eviction notices and toss them off the fire escapes. Obviously they couldn't do that on stage, but I kinda wish they at least started a fire in the trashcan with posters and screenplays. Oh well, it was still cool. Some of the lines that are in the movie weren't on stage. Like when Mark gets his first voicemail from his parents and he says to Roger, "There are times when we're dirt broke and hungry and freezing, and I ask myself, 'Why the hell am I still living here?' And then they call, and I remember." Love that line. And sadly they didn't rock Mark in "La Vie Boheme". Even if they did, we wouldn't have seen it from out seats. No one probably would've now that I think about it. And in the movie there's more dancing, especially in "Tango: Maureen" and "Today 4 You" but it's live singing so I can't complain.

Even while missing certain elements from the movie, the musical was perfect. I loved that we got to see a more kinder Benny when he pays for Angel's funeral and Mimi's rehab; it shows why they were once friends. And him and Collins have a cute little guy-friends moment before they run off the stage. First I called it brotherly love until I remembered in LVB when Angel and Collins are making out and then say, "Brothers!". So yeah, definitely not brotherly love. Speaking of Angel, I bawled during "I'll Cover You (Reprise)", my friend and I were clutching each other and sobbing. It was awesome! I started to get teary during "Without You" but that quickly ended during "Contact" *blushes* Yeah...the beginning was awkward. They had a white sheet over the main 3 couples and they just moved around, so that wasn't bad. But on stage right they had some metal wall and the ensemble were all bouncing and grinding against it and each other, that was the awkward part. Then Collins' part at the end got me all teary again. My favorite difference was "Take Me Or Leave Me". It's way better on stage; the setting makes more sense cause Maureen and Joann are rehersing for another show and get in a fight, which isn't as random and OOC as an engagement party. Though I do love what Maureen's mom says to Mark at the end of that scene, "Maybe now you two can get back together!" And I loooove Mark's face, so perfect. 

As far as souviners goes, I got 4 posters (3 for friends and 1 for me), sheet music for another friend, and a shirt for me. I wanted to get the cow but I didn't have enough. Oh well. I'll get one next time! And there will be a next time! I'm now gonna be obsessed with seeing all of my favorite musicals on stage. Squee!
17th-Mar-2007 01:07 pm - St. Paddy's Day!
So in Love

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Have a fun and safe holiday! May the luck of the Irish be with you all!

11th-Feb-2007 02:40 pm - What to do now
So in Love
So I think I figured somethings out, like the layout stuff. And all by myself too! Squee!

Now I'm wondering...what should I do now? What do you do on LJ? The reason I joined was because I thought it'd be cool and fun. But now I have no idea what to do.

I do have a question though. Anyone know where I can find some mood themes? Maybe CSI or South Park? Anyone?

*tumbleweed blows by*

Yeah, that's what I thought *le sigh*
10th-Feb-2007 11:03 pm - Hello?
So in Love
Um, hi. New here to LJ (why am I always the noob where ever I go?) so I have no idea what I'm doing...


I have a gazillion questions. Anyone mind helping a noob out? Please?

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